Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a week

 It has definitely been a long week, and it is still only Thursday. I am very much a home body, cleaning crafting cooking or baking take up most of my days and I like it that way. But this week I feel as though I have not accomplished anything. I managed to bake a batch of bread for the week and some ginger cakes for lunches and other than that it has been run, run, run. The running wears me out more than a full days work.
Hubby has been on a new schedule this week also which has things abit discombobulated as well, Next week does not look like it will be any better. 3 doctors appointments and a trip to the orthodontists. It will be very much a case of deja vu. Oh well I guess it is good to be busy, but it does not help me get any of my housework done.

I did manage to finish a project over the weekend though. I of course forgot to take a before picture, but she was a very bright shade of blue. I think she looks much better now.

Not sure that I am happy with her accessories, but I still have some tweeking to do. Once she is all done and decked out I will post another picture. I will say that I think the hanging basket is my favorite and it definitely staying, some of the other things my find new homes, I will have to play around and see. Well I am off to see if I can get some much need housework done.


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