Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Dining Room ever a work in Progress

    I am never quite happy with my dining room. I love all of my main furniture pies, I guess I get a little stuck on some of the accessories. Here are a few pictures of my dining room as it is today, I maybe making some minor changes of the next few weeks, just some tweaking here and there. Here is a shot of the whole dining room.

  My dining room furniture are some of my favorite furniture pieces, they all came from a wonderful little antique mall that my husband and I used to frequent when we lived in Georgia. We did not buy them all at the same time, but they fit together wonderful. The next pieces is I think my absolute favorite and the first piece that we bought.

    When I saw the stepback cupboard above it was the first time we had ever been to the little antique mall that we bought it from. It was recommended to me by one of the ladies that I worked with at the time and my husband and I fell in love with that little store. When ever we had a free day we would go do to the little shop and browse, usually coming home with a find somtimes big and sometimes just little finds. Back to the stepback, it was in one of the last booths that we looking in that day and I knew that it was coming home with us. My husband agreed that it would be perfect, we just had to figure out home to get it home. It currently holds some of my thrifty finds. A few pieces of red and blue transferware with some white dishes thrown in for contrast as well as my collection of ironstone pitchers on the top.

   The next piece was one of the last pieces that we bought before we moved. It was in the front window, and had been marked down by the seller. One of the ladies that worked in the little shop said that it had been there for a while, I was surprised as I had never seen it before, but they had just moved it to the window that morning. I guess it was just seeing it in the daylight that made it stand out to me. It is a pewter cupboard but I knew that it would be perfect to display my grandmothers family dishes on.

The last picture is a little corner of my dinning room that looked so empty so I took some of my thrifty finds and spruced it up. I am sure that it will change in the near future as I am looking for an old drysink or grain bin to put under the window, but for now this is how it looks.

Well that is my little dining room ever a work in progress. I will try and snap a few shots of the kitchen for a another post later in the week. Till then have a wonderful and blessed day.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Decaf coffee is for the birds

        I am a recently new lover of coffee. I have only been drinking it for the last couple of years, and I can say that I look forward to my morning cup of coffee, but a few weeks ago my doctor recommended either going coffee free or switching to decaf coffee as it was making my irregular heartbeat that much more irregular.
       So I thought that I would go with decaf coffee, because I just did not think that I could completely give up the taste of my morning coffee. I know that I am not getting the caffeine benefits of regular coffee, but I had hoped that I would still get the same wonderful coffee taste. Well I have not yet got it figured out, because I end up with either very week tasting coffee or very bitter taste. I even use flavored creamer in my coffee and I can still not get the taste right.  I will keep trying to get the taste right, but if I can not work it out soon I may be forced to give up coffee all together. Well I am off to see how this morning cup of coffee will turn out, maybe I will get it just right this morning.