Friday, September 16, 2011

Moving Day is fast approaching!

Living in military housing can be an adventure, sometimes good sometimes bad. When we moved here and took the house we are currently in, we knew that we would be moved to a new house at some point. Well we got our force move letter Today, much earlier than we expected. I am very excited at the thought of moving and being able to decorate a new space with my things. Things we be very busy around here for the next few weeks. We will see how this all goes, fingers crossed.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

It was a very long week

    So, last week was quite the week here at the homestead. We experience the earthquake on Tuesday. It was not to bad here where we are, but a little unexpected.  Then we made preparations for hurricane Irene, we were unsure whether or not to leave. But as the time came closer my husband had to fly to California and the kids and I decided to head west to visit some family and ride out the storm. While we were on our way our 2 month old car blew the heating core and then the car seized. I managed to get the car off of the road before it completely shut down. It was only by the awesome grace of God that it all fell in to place as it did. The firefighters that responded were wonderful and prayed with us before they left. The young officer that waited with us while we waited for the tow truck was also very kind. Our car had to ride out the storm at a dealer about an hour and half from our house, and was then tow to our local dealer that we bought it from to be repaired.

      I found out that the repairs are going to take a while, but everything will be covered under our warranty. And the dealer is going to make my little car like brand new again.  It is a little disheartening to be with out my car for so long, but I know that they will do a thorough job and will get it to us as so as they have it ready.

     On a bit of a lighter note we also found out last week that our housing office will be moving us to a new house sometime in October. The thought a getting to decorate a new house is exciting to me, the packing and actually moving does not excite me in the least bit.  Well I am off to sort through closets and see what needs to be purged.