Friday, July 16, 2010

The Urge to Purge

   I don't know if it is the move that I know is coming in November, but I feel the need to Purge. I try keep things pretty simple already, I don't keep totes of decor items stored away (mainly because I don't have any storage). Yet I have been looking through closets and cupboards lately wondering why I have the need for 35 coffee mugs and tea cups, (my husband and I are the only ones who use them).
   Before our move in May, I was a consigning, freecycling gal. Things felt so clean and refreshed, it was wonderful to see someone else finding enjoyment in the things we no longer needed. Don't get me wrong I love to go thrifting and hitting up the yard sales on the weekends.  So with that in mind I think it is time to sort through, and have a purging weekend.


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