Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Been Busy

I have been so busy in the last few months that I have terribly neglected my blog. We are officially moved in to our little house here in Texas, but we will be moving again in the Very near future! I actually don't mind the moving twice in 1 year for my self but I hate that our move in November will interfere with the kids school. Hopefully if everything is timed just right we can be on the road headed back east during the fall break.

Right now our little piece of Texas is having very mild weather. We were in Texas for a brief time 6 years ago and in July it was HOT! I am liking the lower temperatures, but my hair does not appreciate the humidity that I thought we left behind in Georgia! As I type I can hear the rain tapping on my window, it is a very soothing sound.

Now that I am home full time while we are here, I hope to catch up on some of my projects. I hope to be showing them off here very soon.


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