Thursday, December 9, 2010

All Moved In

      Well all the boxes have been unpacked, and most things have found there places just in time for Christmas. It has been a very busy around here the last few weeks. Our things arrived the day before Thanksgiving, some of my husbands family was in so they went out and saw some of the sights while we sorted and unpacked boxes. We have this moving thing down to a science now. We can unpack all the boxes in about a day and get the large things set rather quickly. Then the fun part of slowly finding our new houses identity, how it would like to be gussied up.

     Most of my decorative items have certain rooms I always think of them in, but this house is different than our last few. It is our first 2 story house in several years, so I wanted to do something a little different with the small things. I found that things I had always had in the dining room now fit in the foyer or one of the bedrooms. To me it was finding new life in my old favorites. Having my Mother in law and Sister in law here to help was also very fun, as we all have similar tastes.  After our family headed home we got out our Christmas tree and began to make the house festive. I am keeping it very simple this year, Bringing a little bit of nature in and not buying new decorations. So far I am loving it. I will post some pictures in a day or two as things finish coming together.


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